Anything Worthwhile Will Take More Work Than You Think

The best things in life require time, sacrifice and a whole lot of focus and hard work. If the experiences, relationships and goals we aspired to were so easily attainable, they would be a dime a dozen. What’s worthwhile are far and few between, especially in our overzealous, “I need it right now” culture.

What elicits our deepest engagement and happiness does not come easy. It requires discipline, focus and a healthy dose of self-love.

It’s even harder for those of us who want to explore everything, consider everything and try everything.

Me, in a nutshell. Too many ideas, too many options. Hard to make decisions sometimes. Much like a double-edged sword, the positive attributes of being an inquisitive soul don’t go unnoticed. We count ourselves amongst the lucky. Curious minds are open minds. Yet, the not so favourable attributes can also include difficulty making choices, over analyzing all options and being hard pressed to follow through. It’s a fine balance.

A couple friends and colleagues have asked, “What’s the delay, why haven’t you posted anything?” Well.. 

I have so many blog post ideas, adventures and thoughts to share. So many so, that I become overwhelmed with the options, and unsure of where to start.

Fearprocrastination and a perfectionist mentality are but just a few of the biggest culprits. At times hard to shake off. 

Fear, rears its ugly face and calls the shots for a while before I get to my senses. I wonder: How self-absorbed, new agey do I come across? Do I even have anything worthwhile to share? I sound silly. You’re not even a writer. Who are you writing this for? What are your intentions? This is a blog, and it’s starting to feel like a personal diary. I’m oversharing.

And so on, you get the point. Overthinking is the worst thing we can do to ourselves! Along with the brain over-processing and over-analyzing, laziness and procrastination like to join the party. Explains why I still haven’t sat down to write and share photos from my marvellous, out of this world solo trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan last spring.

I’m also full of excuses and fall back on the “I’ve been so busy” excuse.  The reality is, there are 24 hours in a day and everything is a choice. I’ve been choosing not to sit down and dedicate time and energy to something that makes me so happy. 

Instead, I’ve been keeping busy doing other things; some very fun: exploring my new home in Montreal and travelling to Iceland and running a half marathon there. But the not so fun, tedious activities include feeling overwhelmed and tired. Naturally a part of the process, when you move to a new city. Loneliness and frequently feeling out of place is exhausting. Which resulted in an embarrassing 8 straight weekend road trips home during the summer.

Add to the mix, the perfectionist mentality blocking the creative juices from flowing and 5 months later, still no blog post to show for (lol). You can only laugh sometimes.

It’s up to you, how you decide to spend your time. Decide to dwell on the unfair and unsavoury bits of human life or get comfortable with the uncomfortable and see where life takes you.

You count minutes (and focus on your obstacles) or you can count your blessings (and privileges).

Decidedly you choose to see past the clouds and admire the mysterious view ahead. You ground yourself. You become still to admire the baby waterfalls a short distance away. You take in your good fortune and savour the delicate stream flowing between the rich and rocky bedrock that lays in front of you.


Become still in your mind and be happy,


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