Fresh Start

It’s been a while. Here’s to a fresh start, renewed effort and optimism. I’m looking forward to giving this space, my love and attention. Now more than ever, I’ve learned – do what makes you happy. 

Otherwise, you’ll be miserable. It’s been noted.



Anything Worthwhile Will Take More Work Than You Think

The best things in life require time, sacrifice and a whole lot of focus and hard work. If the experiences, relationships and goals we aspired to were so easily attainable, they would be a dime a dozen. What’s worthwhile are far and few between, especially in our overzealous, “I need it right now” culture.

What elicits our deepest engagement and happiness does not come easy. It requires discipline, focus and a healthy dose of self-love.

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Blue Coat For Sale. Making Space for Something Better.

I have a blue coat for sale. A powder blue, wool-blend winter coat. Soft, warm and fuzzy. I knew almost instantly, this delightfully chic statement coat needed to come home with me.

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