Blue Coat For Sale. Making Space for Something Better.

I have a blue coat for sale. A powder blue, wool-blend winter coat. Soft, warm and fuzzy. I knew almost instantly, this delightfully chic statement coat needed to come home with me.

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The History of a Terrible Bookworm

I’m a huge bookworm but of the worst kind: many books have been bought but seldom have they been read.

Buying books on a whim, I’m either pre-ordering in advance or during one of my aimless walks through a big box retailer like Chapter’s Indigo I am easily swayed. But you see, wandering without purpose through a bookstore is fun! Finding new sections in a bookstore to secretly ‘review’ questionable material is also fun. At times, I’m also clearly judging books by the cover. The pretty graphics and dust jackets with interesting and short book summaries have often left me wanting to know more and it only made sense that I buy the book… Continue reading “The History of a Terrible Bookworm”